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Top 4 Industries that are Taking Benefits from Chatbots

It is quite evident that machines are replacing humans at a considerable pace. You will probably find that the tasks and clients earlier used to be handled by people are now under the hat of these machines or robots.

It would be pretty much unfair if we wouldn’t mention AI chatbots here as we get into the applications of robots.

As we look at the present scenario, Millions of people are using some kind of messaging platform either WhatsApp or Facebook messenger to communicate. And due to this, huge opportunities are emerging for companies to interact with their customers through chatbots that operate through these channels.

Chatbots are leading the way to disrupt each and every industrial sector and business holding the ability to provide deep analysis of key metrics including sales, customer engagement, traffic and much more.

Let’s look at these key sectors where chatbots are beneficial.

1. News and Media

Youth spend most of their time surfing online or on social media. In fact, it has been seen that about 30% of all the online traffic is found on social media out of which 60% is via a mobile device.

At such peak times, it is not to be missed that messenger or chatbots that are for instant help or queries can be of great help for news platforms. Some of the news and media agencies have already realized the integration of news focused chatbots for social messaging platforms. As such, CNN is one of the examples that has developed chatbots for Kik, Line and Facebook Messenger.

Thus, chatbot is serving towards a bright future in news and media as it allows the user to read the topic that they love. The data is collected through past search behavior of users allowing them to view content that is relevant to their interest.

2. Hotels and Restaurants

With the help of chatbots, hotels and restaurants can benefit a lot. Profiling their customers to taking their orders, letting them customize their order, their last visit, their room service requirements, customization etc.

Chatbots are capable of offering 24/7 service which will ultimately reduce the workload of front desk personnel at a particular hotel. A restaurant chatbot can offer a food menu, add or subtract any food item as per the availability, let the customers customize their food ingredients and so on.

3. Financial and Banking Services

The most important sector where customers face investment and banking related problems and most often, they face problems in communicating with the customer representative.

And, when it comes to asking about investment, credit cards, loans, and account information, most of them will visit the bank’s website. How about if chatbots can simply greet the guest on the website with a “hello”, and ask them what they need to know.

It would become pretty convenient for the visitor to ask about investment portfolios or better mortgage plans, chatbot can guide them to click the link or throw a text-based answer.

4. HR Functions

AI has entered into the field of Human resource in most of the corporate sectors till date.  Whether it is redefining employee experience, hiring ad-hoc employees, providing training or automate customer support to your prospective candidates.

HR training and assistance using chatbots is very effective since it involves more interactive participation by employees as well as assist the prospects through an online platform in an easy way.

So, with this, we would like to say that the chatbot application has the power to dominate every sector in the coming years. Thus, in order to employee chatbot for your business, it is very necessary to analyze your business and the benefits a chatbot would reap in the long run thus giving your firm a good ROI.

Date: 23rd January 
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