YII is a high-performance, component-based framework written in PHP5 for developing bear-sized web applications swiftly. It offers maximum reusability in Web programming and can considerably accelerate your web application development process. It is an acronym for “Yes It Is!”.

It has the highly optimized performance and is a perfect choice for almost any kind of web application project. It is, however, best suited for enormous traffic web applications like portals, social media web-sites, as well as forums.


  1. It is easy to install as installation is handled using Composer.
  2. It makes the web development a more systematic activity, with the help of model view controller (MVC).
  3. It has a nice layout and theme organization.
  4. It is designed cautiously so that it can work well with third party codes.
  5. It has the supreme performance compared to other frameworks.
  6. It provides several cache components to store cache in different media.
  7. It has CRUD generators that use Gii.
  8. It is very secure as it features cross-site scripting prevention, cookie attack prevention, and cross-site request forgery prevention.
  9. It is comparatively easy to customize the YII-based applications since it has a straightforward structure.

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