Xamarin is a unique and powerful tool that uses a single language, C#, to develop applications for all mobile platforms. Unlike interpreted solutions, such as Appcelerator Titanium, it is natively compiled, which turns it into a go-to option for creating high-performance apps with a native feel and look.

Applications built on Xamarin platform are often compared to native for both iOS as well as Android mobile development platforms in terms of performance and user experience. While the code associated with business logic, network communication, and database access can be shared across all platforms, it allows you to build platform-specific UI code layer.


  1. One technology stack to write code for all Platforms as it uses a single language C# complemented with DotNet framework to develop apps for any mobile platform.
  2. Performance comparable to Native
  3. Native User Experiences as it allows you to create flawless experiences using platform-specific UI elements.
  4. It provides Full Hardware Support due to which solution gets native-level app functionality.
  5. Open Source Technology with Robust Corporate Support
  6. Simplified Maintenance
  7. It offers Complete Development Ecosystem as it comes in one package with a complete development tool-set, including its own IDE, SDKs, testing, distribution, and analytics platforms.

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