Visual Basic.NET, often abbreviated as VB.NET, is a multi-paradigm programming language, designed by Microsoft. It is grounded on the .NET Framework and makes the development of web services applications easier. Also, it supports OOP concepts like inheritance, abstraction, aggregation, and polymorphism.

Visual Basic.NET programming is mostly based on BASIC and Visual Basic programming languages, suggesting you should have a basic knowledge of these programming languages.


  1. It is not only a language but primarily an integrated, interactive development environment (IDE).
  2. It consists of robust security measures.
  3. It helps you create robust Windows-based applications, Web-based, and Mobile applications.
  4. It features COM interoperability.
  5. Errors are handled using Try-Catch-Finally blocks.
  6. The Visual Basic IDE efficiently supports rapid application development (RAD).
  7. It uses XML to transfer data between the various layers.
  8. It features free threading compared to Visual Basic’s single-threaded apartment feature.

Relevant  Technologies

C Sharp


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