Automated software testing is a technique in which dedicated software tools perform the pre-scripted test on an application before it is released into production. It goes through the entire lifecycle of the software in comparatively less time and provides efficiency and effectiveness to the testing software.

It is an automatic process where the tester writes scripts on its own and uses suitable software to test the software. In general words, it is an automation process of a manual process.

The primary objective of automated testing is to minimize the manual testing efforts with a minimum set of scripts. Automated testing tools are capable of performing tests, delivering outcomes and comparing results with previous test runs. Most significantly, tests carried out with the help of automated tools can frequently be run at any instant.

The process or technique used to carry out automation is known as Test Automation. However, automation testing is only implemented when it has been determined that the manual testing doesn’t work efficiently.


  1. It saves a lot of time.
  2. It allows the tester to run test 24*7.
  3. It makes the testing process extremely efficient.
  4. It requires fewer human resources.
  5. The scripts created in test automation are reusable.
  6. It enables developers to detect bugs in the early stages of software development, decreasing expenses and working time.
  7. It offers a consistent platform for your testing requirements.
  8. It allows the tester to perform more number of tests on an application.

Relevant  Technologies

Quality Assurance
Manual testing


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