Sencha Touch is a user interface (UI) JavaScript (JS) library, designed specifically for Mobile Web. It allows web developers to build user interfaces for mobile web applications that look and feel like native applications.

In other words, it is a web framework built to fir the most demanding application needs. Sencha Touch inherited the best of EXT JS, a pure JavaScript application framework, and took it to the next level by upgrading it to use ECMAScript5 (ES5), CSS 3 and HTML5.


  1. It uses hardware acceleration to enhance the speed and performance of an application.
  2. It offers a customizable, user-friendly interface.
  3. It comes with several innovative features and APIs which makes the development of flexible mobile app much easier.
  4. It breaks up data management into smaller packages, offering efficient performance.
  5. It offers flexibility not only during use but also during development.
  6. It is compatible with all the latest versions of iOS and Android.


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