In developing software and services, Quality Assurance (QA) plays a very significant role. It is a systematic process of checking to see whether software or service being developed meets specified requirements.

In other words, Quality Assurance refers to all the planned and systematic activities implemented within the quality system that can be demonstrated to provide confidence that a software or service will fulfill requirements for quality.

The primary purpose of Quality Assurance is to surge client confidence as well as a company’s credibility to enhance work process, and to enable a company to compete effectively with competitors. The confidence provided by QA is twofold- internally to management as well as externally to customers or any other third party.


  1. It ensures the product is not faulty.
  2. It defines, maintains and implements the process applicable.
  3. It ensures the effectiveness of the process being followed.
  4. It reduces costs as there is less wastage and re-working of faulty products.
  5. It helps to identify the needs and resources.
  6. It enhances the quality of the work.
  7. It primarily focuses on customer satisfaction.

Relevant  Technologies

Test Automation
Manual Testing


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