MSG91 is an Enterprise SMS Solution which provides users with application programming interfaces (APIs) for every prospect of the panel. MSG91 API is free to use and supports various programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, etc.

It offers the most secure way to send SMS via SMS gateway API or HTTP API and send thousands of requests in a single minute. Furthermore, it is also easy to integrate MSG91 API in your panel.


  1. It enables you to deliver the quality information swiftly to customers.
  2. It has a compelling sending infrastructure.
  3. It comprises a highly efficient tracking and analytics mechanism.
  4. Industries can use it for sending the alert on a large scale.
  5. It performs validation and security checks.
  6. It allows you to send SMS 24*7.
  7. It also reaches out to do not disturb (DND) service listed customers.
  8. It allows you to create templates.

Relevant  Technologies

SMS Gupshup


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