InVision is one of the most popular prototyping, collaboration, and workflow platform. It is created for designers, by designers. It enables designers to rapidly and easily build interactive mockups for your designs. It is very effective for collaborating on design drafts and gathering feedback from colleagues as well as clients.


  1. It is a stand-alone design presentation application.
  2. It simplifies the design and prototyping process for companies and their designers.
  3. It features Live Share which enables designers to collaborate in real-time using in-browser screen share.
  4. It presents uploaded screens in an efficient manner that mimics an amazing web browsing experience.
  5. It features mobile prototyping.
  6. It offers Sync App, which makes adding screen even more simple.
  7. It features hover states making your prototype interaction even more vivid.

Relevant  Technologies

Adobe Acrobat
Adobe illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premier
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe photoshop


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