HTML refers to the Hypertext Markup Language. It is the standard markup language for developing web pages as well as web applications. The markup tells the browser how to display a web page’s content for the user. Each individual markup code is an element, also known as a tag.

Hypertext refers to the hyperlinks that an HTML page may comprise. On the other hand, “Markup language” refers to the way tags are used to define the page layout. Although HTML consists of many tags, there are several tags which come in pairs that specify the beginning and ending of some display effect.


  1. It is very easy to use and understand.
  2. It is handy for beginners in web designing field.
  3. It can use an extensive range of objects, colors, and layouts.
  4. Most development tools support it.
  5. All the browsers support it.
  6. It is the most search engine friendly.
  7. It is basically a plain text, making it easy to edit.
  8. It can be used to present just about anything on a web page.

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