Baas refers to Backend as a Service. It is a cloud computing category that comprises companies that makes it easier for developers to setup, utilize, and operate a cloud backend for their mobile, tablet as well as web applications.

BaasBox is a software that supports all application developers worldwide who desire to develop their applications at the fastest and most convenient rate. The “Box” simply means that all the backend features are on a standalone server.

It eliminates the need of application server, database server. You just have to install BaasBox and connect your app to the Box.


  1. It has a web console that facilitates managing its behavior and performing administrative tasks.
  2. It can manage relations among users, implementing a concept of friendship similar to that of Twitter.
  3. A user can receive push notifications using an app that has BaasBox back-end.
  4. Developers can use same BaasBox to send different push notifications to the different list of users.
  5. It manages the files efficiently.
  6. It provides an API that enables you to connect or create your users via social networks.

Relevant  Technologies

SQL Server


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