ASP.NET, also termed ASP+, is a set of web development tools developed by Microsoft. It is an open-source server-side web application framework for web developers to create dynamic web pages by inserting queries to a relational database on the web page. It is a part of .NET framework which has access to classes in the .NET framework.

It is the next generation of Microsoft’s Active Server Page (ASP). ASP.NET is different from ASP in two significant ways: first, it supports code written in compiled languages; second, it features server controls that can separate the code from the content.

While ASP.NET is not backward compatible with ASP, it is capable to run side-by-side with ASP applications. ASP.NET files have .aspx as their extension.


  1. It has built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration that keeps your applications reliable and secure.
  2. It provides simplicity making it easy to perform common tasks comprising configuration and deployment.
  3. It has out-of-the-box editor tool “WYSIWYG.”
  4. It reduces the length of code needed to develop large and complex applications.
  5. It allows building a variety of web solutions such as social networking websites, custom CMS or CRM, business and corporate websites.
  6. It allows a developer to select the programming language suitable for developing an application.
  7. It provides the ability of cross platform migration.
  8. It features giant class library enclosing a sizable number of common functions as well as ready-to-use custom web controls.
  9. It is regularly updated by Microsoft to meet the leading-edge technology requirements.

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