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Stepping up with the next iPhone 8

The release of every iPhone for the past Five Years had been a mystery and observing the pattern of its launch “September” is the key month. If the iPhone series is expecting a fresh change, it must do something more than just matching what the competitors have launched earlier this year.

Augmented Reality and its Implementation

This time the iPhone 8 is likely to come with an application which will be complimenting the new design and features. Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) has stressed on AR (Augmented Reality) saying it is not just a product per se but a core Technology. Also, in June 2017 Apple announced ARkit in the Worldwide developer conference. These steps evidently suggest the strategy of Apple’s upcoming product. Moving on with Augmented Reality concept it has been used earlier, but the whole functionality of the technology is yet to be discovered. The difficulty in using this technology is the lens angle in the camera, as most of the users will use the application using a headgear with horizontal orientation. So the design of the camera may have dual lenses to share the horizontal plane with an orientation of the two lenses twisted in Ninety degrees as AR works better with this setup.

Though the hardware of the apple may not be dedicated to AR, the features will include an OLED screen, Wireless charging and edge to edge screen to magnify the user experience.

Simplistic Design

For a change, the Apple designers are willing to simplify the iPhone 8 design further and replacing the only button in the Device. This would allow  the users to flick the screen upwards to close and drag it down to start the phone. Across the bottom of the screen, there is a thin software bar instead of the home button. This concept is questionable as for how good it will  be in differentiating the two drags (Upward Flicks and Upward Swipes for plain old scrolling) as both the gestures are quite similar.

The new phone will introduce distinct novel animations to explain the all new ways of navigating the iOS Device. The apps will be sent back to the previous place of the icons once they are closed with an upward flick. Apple has become arguably the World’s most influential Company to revolutionize the way touch screens were built.

Predicting the Numbers

Possible names of iPhone 8 may be iPhone Edition or iPhone X. The simple changes in the product may increase the sales drastically, with the drop in the prices from $1000 to $800 the buyer’s intention would increase by 18% to 36%. Analyst Mark Moskowitz announced in his press interview that the new product comes with a One Year of free subscription to Apple music which has considerably cut the cost. Or else the subscription to the Apple music would cost to $10/month with 200GB data storage in $2.99/ month. One year expenses for both of them would go up to $156. Overall it would add up to a cost of $999. Hence, offering  a Year’s free subscription is just the right step by the company to boost the subscription on Apple Music and iCloud storage, the long term advantage for the product will be its positive sales, $64 million is the estimated sale for the next year.

The Competition is Mightier

Microsoft’s Hololens was an independent machine, and did not require any linkage to Computer or phone to serve, this innovation led Microsoft boost its market presence more than anyone around, especially removing the dominance of iPhone series. At the time, Augment Reality is the futuristic innovation and with that many of the Companies are trying to use the technology in their own way, like Facebook’s Oculus is trying to built its own version of Virtual and Augmented Reality, even though these companies don’t have their own smartphone channels. If they conquer it, they might become the next “Big Thing

The chaotic forecast will vanish on 12th September, 2017. All the mysteries of the unknown model of the phone and its functions are presaged beforehand, but Tim Cook and his Team knows how to lead their way through many hurdles of the Predictions.

Date: 2nd November 
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