SQLite is a library that provides a relational database management system. It is a high-reliability, self-contained, full-featured SQL database engine. Unlike most of the SQL databases, SQLite doesn’t have an individual server process.

It simply reads and writes directly to ordinary disk files, and is one of the most used database engines around the globe. Its file format is cross-platform which enables you to copy a database between 32-bit and 64-bit systems easily.

It is a compact library, meaning the library size can be less than 500KB, depending on the compiler optimization settings as well as the target platform.


  • It does not have any setup procedure
  • It is a zero-configuration database engine.
  • It comprises data constraints feature and can edit tables irrespective of loading them in memory.
  • It works on the data stored on the disk.
  • It is transactional which means all changes and queries appear to be atomic.
  • It locks the entire database file while writing.
  • Its source code falls into the category of public domain.

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