SASS, also referred to as Syntactically awesome style sheets, is a scripting language that extends CSS by permitting developers to write code in one language and then compile it into CSS. It is the fully grown, stable and powerful professional grade CSS extension language around the globe.

It enables authors to use concepts like variables, inline imports, nested rules, and much more. Most significant, it helps to keep things organized and allows you to build style sheets swiftly.


  • It reduces the number of HTTP requests
  • It helps to create efficient, responsive designs for all kind of devices.
  • It brings functions along to the CSS property.
  • It efficiently handles the large and complex style sheets.
  • It allows developers to share a set of CSS properties from one selector to another.
  • Partials allow developers to add snippets of CSS in SASS files.
  • It supports joining of multiple files that results in a single CSS file.
  • It provides variables as a way to store information.

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