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Store and share your photos with TRT

TRT (To Remember This), is an application that allows users to store their photo book creations digitally in a virtual bookshelf. Users can take their TRT photo creations with them on the go and share the greatest moments of their lives with friends and family within the app.

Each page comes in an innovative flip book that makes the user to re-live those special memories with the swipe of a finger. By using TRT, one can easily store digital photo books in a neat and organised virtual bookshelf in order to enjoy their past memories from anywhere for years to come.

  • technology
  • Java
  • JSON
  • Android
  • Objective C
  • SQLite-C
  • highlights
  • Upload all photos without worrying about losing them
  • Keep the photos in one place and easily access them
  • Share photos with friends and family
  • Enjoy free unlimited storage