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Job Manager

Explore immense career opportunities and find jobs online

Job Manager enables users to quickly find career opportunities wherever they want with location-based search. It helps them to discover the most relevant jobs with absolute ease on the move.

With Job Manager app users can apply to jobs at companies with their LinkedIn profile in just a few taps. They also receive automatic recommendations and notifications based on their preferred job searches. Moreover, jobs can be saved and resume can be sent with all in total privacy with this app.

  • technology
  • Android
  • Java
  • SQLite
  • Json
  • highlights
  • Quickly and simply search jobs based on title, location, or keywords
  • Filter your job searches by companies you would like to work for, job posting date, and job search relevancy
  • Recommended jobs based on saved searches, jobs you’ve viewed
  • Notifications when new jobs match the career opportunities you’re looking for
  • Easily apply to jobs using your LinkedIn profile and track the status of your job applications

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