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Access all arabic channels on your smartphones and devices

Arabsat TV Everywhere, is an app providing all the best Arabic channels on smartphones, tablets and PCs. It enables users to browse through the entire list of channels and get detailed Satellite frequencies, bands languages etc.

Users can get total global coverage with excellent webcast quality with this app.Furthermore, the app performs all complicated calculations in a few clicks, just through entering some very simple parameters.

  • technology
  • Android
  • Java
  • SQLite
  • Json
  • Objective C
  • XML
  • highlights
  • Available on iOS, Android & Windows Phone.
  • Browse TV channels
  • Check satellite coverage maps
  • Get detailed satellite frequency, band language etc.
  • Sun outage calculator
  • Satellite Look Angle computation capability
  • Centre of Box computation to point ground antennas at the satellites

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