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Simplifying water truck availability

Alsaqi is an application created to bridge the gap between water truck drivers and their clients. It allows the truck drivers to easily register themselves by feeding their personal and vehicle/truck details.

Their customers, on the other hand, can easily login and place request according to their need of water by checking the drivers information in the app itself. Once a request is places, the driver will be notified via the application thus, keeping their services accessible.

  • technology
  • Android
  • Java
  • Objective C
  • highlights
  • The location of the driver is tracable
  • If a driver rejects a job, the sender gets notification
  • highlights
  • You can send the truck to any other location other than your current location
  • You’ll get to view only the trucks of the sizes selected by you (avoids confusion)
  • In case the nearest driver cannot come, the request will be forwarded to next driver automatically

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