Leaner Style Sheets, abbreviated as LESS, is a dynamic style sheet language that can be compiled into CSS. In simple words, LESS is a superset of CSS, specifying that all CSS code is valid LESS code, but there are numerous elements in LESS which would not be valid in CSS.

It is a CSS pre-processor which generates simple CSS after compilation.Additional features include variables, functions, mixins and several other techniques that permit you to make CSS more extensible and maintainable.


  • It is faster and easier.
  • It allows developers to nest rule sets inside other rule sets.
  • It permits developers to specify variables in one place.
  • It allows developers to perform operations on existing values.
  • It provides developers with the ability to access the value of other properties.
  • It supports cross-browser compatibility.
  • It offers various mathematical and operational functions.
  • It compiles quicker than any other
  • It offers flexibility to import other LESS files in a LESS file.

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