Java is a general purpose, high-level programming language designed by Sun Microsystems. Although Java was intended to have the look and feel similar to the C++ programming language, it is easier to use compared to C++ and enforces an object oriented programming model.

Java applications are generally compiled to byte code that can run on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM).It is primarily being used for developing Android smartphone applications and is among the most favored for edge device and IoT development. It permits app developers to write code once and use it anywhere as per the requirement.


  • It is easy to learn
  • It is fast, reliable, and secure.
  • It is a refined language combined with a robust set of application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • It is object-oriented that allows you to create modular programs and reusable code.
  • It is platform independent.
  • It enables you to work efficiently with resources across a network and to build network-based applications.
  • It is dynamic as well as extensible.
  • It has a massive user community.
  • It comprises powerful development tools such as NetBeans, Eclipse SDK, etc.

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