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Is Angular 7 the Best JavaScript Framework For Front End Development?

In this blog, we are going to highlight the essential points and advantages that include in the updates of Angular 7 which makes it the best framework for JavaScript.

Google developed it!

Angular 7 is an open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google, so you can be sure how good it is going to be because the best engineers and development team in this world made it.

Faster and Better on Ivy Compiler!

The new version of Angular 7 has some exciting features and it is mainly focussed on the Ivy project. Ivy is an Angular compiler and just like the other compilers it takes the components of Angular code and converts it into Jane HTML and JavaScript. Consequently, the user can view the genius of the new update. Moreover, from the past release, the Ivy project keeps itself updated by rewriting the Angular compiler and runtime code also to make it better, faster, and smaller.

One of the highlights of the Ivy compiler in comparison to older compilers is that it can automatically remove the group of unused codes. Also, it can compile files separately which reduces the rebuild time.

Data Binding

Data binding is the mechanics of keeping the changes in the component’s variables and UI in sync. Angular 7 provided four ways in which the data can be found namely String Interpolation, Property Binding, Event Binding, and Two-Way Data Binding.

Improved Router Navigation

Navigation occurs whenever a URL is changed through the process of redirection or some imperative action. In the updated version, Angular 7 allows only one active navigation at any time. Moreover, when a new navigation is triggered, any pending navigation is canceled and cleaned up. These benefits in larger applications can really make a difference by allowing fewer memory leaks and less time spent waiting for guards and resolver to finish running for stale navigation.

Benefits Of CLI Prompts

CLI Prompts (also known as Schematics Prompts) provide the ability to ask the user questions before they run. This automates the process and it can be customized as per developers need. Moreover, with this feature, the user feels a sense of ownership as it can mold the code on the basis of answer choices.


The components module can provide you with a way to easily and declaratively create drag-and-drop interfaces across the Web and they are reusable, it also ensures smooth development process for developers.

Simplified Unit-Testing and Easier Maintenance

The components are independent of each other which ensures simpler unit testing and decoupling of components making them replaceable with a better version.

Cross Platform

Angular 7 is the best framework when it comes to developing apps for progressive, native and Desktop apps. It is the fastest cross-platform framework and one can easily develop the apps easily and efficiently.

The best thing about Angular 7 is that it allows you to develop apps that are simple, fast, secure and reliable. Native apps can be build by using Cordova, Ionic, or NativeScript strategies. And Desktop Apps can be flawlessly created for different Operating Systems.

Material Design

Material Design in Angular is another great feature but what is even more special is the classic implementation of Material Design in Angular 7. Material Design code named as Quantum Paper is a framework which consists of various meaningful components. These components are vital in creating attractive and efficient web applications while keeping intact the modern web designing principles.

Easy File Organization

Angular 7 is reliable in the case when you are working on large files that need to be handled properly. It allows you to handle large and bulky files that in many cases, can prove to be disastrous if not taken care of.

Speed and Performance

Angular 7 is an amazing solution for the common problems related to Speed and Performance. The enhanced speed and performance are ensured by Code Generation and Code Splitting techniques.

Angular has the ability to turn your templates in usable codes that the JavaScript Virtual Machines can easily recognize, hence providing outstanding speed and performance experience.

After going through some of the benefits that are offered in Angular updates, in conclusion, it is a better alternative as it can be adapted to serve the modern technological trends and features like bitcoin mining, Virtual scrolling, drag-drop, Angular material and many more. Google Angular team has done an incredible job of making Angular better in terms of efficiency and keeping the framework up to date.

Date: 14th March 
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