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How Mobile Apps Are Advancing Healthcare Industry

No industry is untouched by the App revolution and as the global sales of Smart phones are estimated to reach close to 1.8 billion by the year 2018, you could see how much potential you have with the mobile Applications. Healthcare industry is growing at a rapid rate and to match the pace, you need to revolutionize the way patients can connect with the healthcare system. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 ways in which mobile Apps can transform healthcare.

Going Virtual

Not every doctor is available at every place and this becomes important especially for the rural areas. Patients who suffer from chronic diseases will be able to get a virtual ‘visit’ from the doctor living miles away at one touch. Mobile Applications will allow the doctor and patient to go ‘live’ and the services thus can be delivered virtually.

Improved Connectivity Between Patient and Doctor

Patient engagement improves a lot more with mobile Apps. Using an App, you can know the arrival time of the doctor and this will eliminate the long waiting hours. Similarly, reminder on the App will prompt you to take the medication and pills that have been prescribed to you and using the location of your device, the App will prompt you to collect the prescription for your chosen delivery method.

Better Management Of Data

At times it becomes impossible for Doctors and hospitals to manage the loads of inbound data from sensors and devices. In order to achieve active data management, the App allows watch, manage, and respond to this data in a flick and on the go, reducing the margin of errors by a huge extent. Digital Apps helps you to effectively manage and coordinate patient care thus making you effectively handle all the data.

Reduced Medicare Frauds

Healthcare industry is worth billions of dollars today. In order to ensure you are efficiently tracking every record and managing all the digital interactions relation to it in a much more fluid manner, digital Apps are the best bet for it. Using Apps, you can track people and transactions along with date, location, and time.  Any suspicious activity can be tracked on real time basis and any questionable transaction can be traced instantly.

Patient Safety

This is another aspect that mobile Apps cover with great responsibility. Instead of making patients leave the hospitals with stacks and stacks of papers, files and documents, Apps allows them to carry every details of their medical history in their mobile phones. The result is much better handling of information with absolutely no chances of losing the data, ever. The App is going to take care of everything and it will also remind you of the next appointment that you have with the doctor, take pills, monitor side effects and what not!

Mobile Apps are the present and future of pharmacy medical and hospital industry. There are lot many innovations and development that are going on in this field and companies and trying to develop Apps that are more intelligent and useful.  From scheduling appointments to reminding you that your doctor might be late so that you reach the clinic on time, is one of the very small aspects of it. The future and opportunities mobile Apps hold will radically reform healthcare industry in near future.

Date: 27th July 
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