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Daydream and Virtual Reality The Future It Holds

The future of Smartphone is bright, like in literal sense. In the recent mobile world congress and CES 2017, Smartphone companies showcased the phones that are Virtual reality enabled with 4K displays, amazing VR capabilities, and what not! VR is not just related to gaming but it opens up a lot of possibilities for the developers where they can think out of the box. Coming to the Daydream, there are very few phones in the market that are capable of it, Google’s Pixel coming to the top. Both Daydream and VR holds a lot of promising stuff for the near future and this is what makes all of this very exciting.

Applications of Virtual Reality and Daydream

Thanks to these technologies, they can be used to achieve some exciting discoveries in Architecture, Sports, Medicine, Arts, and Entertainment. Going by the look of things, you could yourself see the immense possibilities one can explore in these areas that VR and Daydream has opened. They actually show you the virtual sense of the world before you could step into them in real. This could be very useful in areas where you want to give almost real experience to someone, especially in Medicine and Space.

So, Do The Current Apps Have Future?

Yes, indeed. Not all Applications can be benefitted by VR and Daydream and currently, developers are only coming up with gaming options to utilise the features of it, as for now. In the coming future, especially in the mid of 2017, will see a lot of positive changes in augmented reality where more and more Apps will be benefited with the same. People who have an interesting idea to implement VR into something that other have not even thought of, can start an interesting array of Applications that might change the game completely.

Some Numbers and Estimates

VR and Daydream do took the market by storm, especially gamers where it is estimated that the number is expected to reach 171 million. At present, more than 43 million people worldwide own a VR headset, so you can estimate how this number is going to rise once the manufacturers start to showcase more and more Smartphone line-up. The numbers grew three folds in just two years and it is expected to reach a staggering peak by the year 2021. And this is just not related to the Smartphone world, but also the iGaming industry too.

Date: 27th July 
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