One drawback of being a fully functional adult is that the curiosity in us slowly fades away. We become so busy with what we are supposed to do that we forget to keep a track of everything happening around us. However, as a family, we feel it is important that all our members are kept aware. Most of all, there is so much happening at Hiteshi that it can be hard to keep track of everything.

Therefore, an Emailer is sent to all the members informing them of new advancements in the office. This space is often the cause of excitement as it contains the details to upcoming celebrations or food menus, yes you heard it right!


There is no way to explain Hiteshian’s love for food in words, it is like a moth are drawn to light; we are drawn to food. Plain and simple, we enjoy it

Other than the work, Food is what keeps us going. So, to keep our work going, we established a cafeteria in the office. A place full of delicious food and colorful walls that inspires the foodie in you. It also doubles as a place where people can relax during breaks or brainstorm ideas with themselves and of course, a tea or coffee.



It is one of the many perks of being a Hiteshian, that we not just understand your love for food, we encourage it. Some people follow – “Work hard, party harder”; Hiteshians follow- “Work. Eat. Repeat.”

Every evening, snacks are arranged for the whole staff as refreshments that they thoroughly enjoy. We have a habit of distributing a selection sheet in order to prevent any wastage, something that seems to get them going. There is excitement of anticipation in the air as people wait for lip smacking delicacies to be delivered to their desks.

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