How We Hire ?

“Your resume might get you the call but what gets you the job is your ability to display qualities beyond those words.”

There are no speed limits in the office but speed breakers do keep showing up which allows us very little room for error. In such an evolving working space, the significance of teamwork is irrefutable and that is why, we emphasis on getting the right people from the get-go. We need people who would welcome a challenge with open arms and prove to be a resource even in the most unfavorable of circumstances.

If you are zealous about new challenges and love the thrill of following them through, this is the place for you. We want people who talk about solutions when they see a problem and not difficulties.


It is starts with a discussion with the recruiter and shortlisting of the resumes that would lead to a phone interview consisting of few routine enquires. The next step on the ladder is a face-to-face interview with our team at our offices where you get a chance to meet our members.


The quality of being able to direct people and tasks is highly appreciated with us. We believe leadership is inherit to success and we look for the same. We want people with the ability to person to manage and guide people rather than just control them.


The importance of a formal education is undeniable but we place equal importance to subject knowledge and acumen. We are looking for solution oriented people who are jack of many trades well-informed in role related areas. Bonus points for willingness to keep yourself updated.


A person is what a person thinks, we live by the statement and want to know how and what you think. The idea is to understand your philosophy in order of comprehending your attitude towards work as well like in general. We want someone who is positive yet realistic, fun but professional and talented yet humble.


We have been lucky to be blessed with an amazing bunch of people who are as passionate about the work as we are. To keep the legacy alive, we seek qualities that we regard as true to our nature. Our special ingredients include a pinch of positivity, responsibility, talent, motivation and lots of awesomeness. We will know a fellow Hiteshian when we meet one.


There are also a few other things we do to make sure we’re always hiring the right candidate for the right role for Hiteshi team.

Feedback from fellow Hiteshians

In order to ensure you are a perfect fit, we call upon our members who understand the work and how it is done. Moreover, it is them who have helped us develop the culture we operate in and therefore they are the best people to see if you would be a good fit.

Long term commitment

We want to know that you are in it for the long haul, long term commitment is what seals the deal. Our aim is to keep the employee turnover on the lower side of the scale, it helps us be more efficient in our work and keeps the family happy.

The expectations

It is understandable that you would also have some expectations from your employer, so let us help you frame them. During the interview process, questions tend to be role- oriented and simplified and that is what is expected in the answer. The dreaded HR round might be the most loved one as we keep it light and all efforts are made to make you feel comfortable and at ease. The process does require a certain amount of time but rest assured we don’t believe in leaving one out to hang; there will either be good news or helpful advice.

You’ll feel at home.