Meeta Sadhwani
Software Consultant
Leader Debut

Our beliefs are similar to that of John Adams. If your actions inspire others to learn more, do more and become more; you are a leader.

Deepak Jadon
Team Lead
Team Captain

Being a strict leader or soft motivator or a harsh fact checker, a team captain has to take on many different roles. At Hiteshi, respect this quality.

Priynka Doshi
Sr. Software Developer
Punctuality Champ

We are not gate keepers but no one can deny the allure of the person who is punctual like a clock. Come what may, these people are on time!

Pooja Gadkari
Sr. Software Eng.
Tech Wizard

It’s one thing to know about a subject but another to apply to create logical solution to problems. That ability is rare and we seek to applaud it.


P.S Bhanu

Web Contest Winner

Manoj Ahirwar

Ios Contest Winner

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