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Anatomy Of A Cash-Rich Ecommerce Website


Ecommerce industry has seen a tremendous change over the past few years. The shopping game has changed completely now and it is estimated that the industry will reach $27 trillion by 2020. Every day, more and more stores are getting registered online, trying to sell new and amazing products and this call for certain elements that need to be ticked on an Ecommerce website, in order to make it click like giants – Amazon and eBay.


Whenever you visit an Ecommerce store, you scan through the product details, look for the new additions, and select your purchase. To ensure this too happens with your store, you need to ensure that you have displayed your products in a convincing style with all the needed information. The overall website design also plays a vital role, as it leaves a lasting impression on the first time shopper. The whole layout must easy, detailed and informative that will values the customer’s experience.

Shopping Cart

Shopping cart is a virtual space for online shopper, where he could put the items that he likes from the page for the purchase. The biggest benefit it has on offer is it keeps a track on the items and tells you the real time total, discounts, and the coupons that you have accumulated in the process. Ideally, a shopping cart must include the following – Reviews of the Products Listed, Actual Product Images, Fluid Navigation, Faster Checkout Process, and Discounts on the Products Included in the Cart etc.

Checkout System

The checkout system is the last step for an online shopper where he proceeds to pay for the items that he has selected in the cart. The fewer steps are in the checkout, the more easy it is going to be for an average shopper. For example, instead of asking the credit or debit card details every time the customer shops at your portal, you could let them save the details of it so that they just have to click on the saved card details.

Payment Options

The more payment options you are going to include on your portal, the better. Cash on delivery still tops the chart when it comes to first time shoppers along with credit and debit cards. If you are delivering the products on global basis, make sure that you have included transaction rates charged. Address Verification Service, Card Code Verification, Secure Sockets Layer along with integration with shopping carts is going to make the entire shopping process a lot easier for the regular and first time shopper.

Date: 27th July 
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