Team Showcase

To make the best team in the world, just cook the talent well and add a pinch of awesomeness!

If you come to our office and find someone humming a famous Hindi sitcom theme, they are probably a part of the QA team. These peeps hate bugs so much that they call themselves the gatekeepers of quality,

a position they take pride in. A group of people who are unbiased in their decision, progressive in their vision and love doing their job. When not fighting the threats to quality control, they are impersonating someone from the office or coming up with crazy food recipes.

Quality has been a critical element for business success and it must be inherent in the way softwares are tested. We ensure the developed software passes rigorous testing phase with no margin of any error.

We are committed to ideate, innovate, and implement latest technology, solutions, and strategy that enhance benefits of outsourcing software product testing objective, minimize risks, and maximize resourcefulness of our partners. Our business objective is driven by shared growth, where we see the success of clients and end-user experience of their customers as key to our continued leadership position in the software testing market.