Team Showcase

All that is us, is them- The five senses of Hiteshi.

Manoj Mirchandani


Ritu Shah

Director - Business Strategies & Planning

IOS Team - Hiteshi

Ios Team

It is not the thought that counts, but the spirit of the developer. With extensive subject knowledge and vase experience, the team is always ready to take up a fresh project, a new challenge. The iOS team meetings constitute of each member explaining their perspective for execution of an idea. There are healthy discussions between the members that often lead to groundbreaking solutions to difficult problems.

Android Team

Do not get swayed by their nonchalance, it is like the calm before the storm. The Android team has a way of coming up with the most innovative solutions in the most restrictive time frame. Every member of the team gets a fair chance to put forward their best foot; something that allows plenty of room for improvement. The team uses Bollywood dialogues and songs to entertain each other when taking a break from the work.

Web Team - Hiteshi

Web Team

A team that goes on adventures together, stays together! Of course, they also play elaborate pranks on each other of both technical and non-technical nature. The team members share a special chemistry and bond that aids in the discussion and conclusion of solutions. This makes their work a stroke of genius, painted on the canvas of client’s briefs with the brush of knowledge, experience and teamwork.

Qa Team

It is certainly rare to see someone loving their jobs as much as our Quality Assurance (QA) team members do, the only thing they hate are bugs. They work day in and day out to ensure that no cracks miss the eye while listening to music to keep their calm. They are a perfect blend of technical genius and passion that are responsible for monitoring processes and secure quality.

Design Team

In order to be good, a design team should be observant as well as innovative, they should be able to appreciate beauty to be able to create it. A trait that is reflected in the team’s love of architecture and historical places. Each member of the team has their form of interpretation if the scenery and bring a different element to the design through it.