Being a part of Hiteshi comes with its own perks. Other than the challenging work and progressive career graph, it is the promise of a better life. We try to provide the best to our members and so whatever is in our power to help them grow.

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A Better Life

The truth is that your work life impacts your personal life, if you are not satisfied at work, it shows elsewhere as well. Therefore, we do everything in our power to make your working experience more joyful with us. We strongly believe that our happy members are what will make us better. At Hiteshi, we aim to not just make your life easier but also better.

Benefit you, not us

Transparency is the key to create a bond of trust and so, we tell you exactly how we benefit “you” and not ourselves. We agree that making you better does make us better, but that is not the goal.

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We Care - Hiteshi Benefits

We Care

We don’t just say it, but exercise it; when we say we care for you, we do. The well-being of you and your family are our priority and we comprehend their importance in your life. Keeping in tune with that, we try to ensure you go home happy for them.

Here’s a taste of what we offer

Medical Insurance

Health is wealth and to protect is the key. So, we ensure that our members have proper medical insurance to prepare them what the future might hold.

Maternity Leave

Motherhood is the most beautiful journey of a woman, but we also understand that it is the hardest one that a woman goes on. Therefore, we give paid maternity leave for our hard-working new mothers.

Support Staff

Ever had to take half day just because you had get a puncture fixed or submit some documents? Not at Hiteshi, we have support staff dedicated to help our members with all such tasks.

Educate yourself

Who said you need to stop learning because you have started working? At Hiteshi, you can do both. What’s more is that we reimburse our talented members for degree programs.